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Residential Carpet  Cleaning Tucson Prices

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carpet cleaning tucson

Prices below include evaluation, carpet pretreatment/detergent, grooming of carpet, hot water extraction and pile raking once finished.  Our friendly and professional technicians will make your home a healthy environment for you to enjoy.

Furnished room average $35-40 each

Vacant/Empty rooms average $40-45 each

2 Areas:

$85 minimum

3 Areas:

$105-120 furnished

$120-135 vacant/empty rooms

4 Areas:

$140-160 furnished

$160-180 vacant/empty rooms

5 Areas:

$165-200 furnished

$200-225 vacant/empty rooms

Call us today at 248-DIRT for your next carpet cleaning in Tucson.  We have trained and friendly professionals who will arrive on time, evaluate your carpet’s needs and will get right to work.  You will be satisfied after a personal walk though with our technicians.  You will receive a pair of plastic booties so you are able to walk on the carpet if necessary.  Carpet Cleaning Tucson.