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Residential Samples

Small Home Carpet Cleaning Sample

A 2-person, 1-dog household with light traffic can build up dirt, oil, and grime quickly.

Carpet Cleaning

Here’s a home with two people and one dog. This closed-loop berber carpet pattern blends together after a long period of no cleaning. This example has gone eight (8) months without a cleaning. Notice the cleaned half clearly shows foot traffic buildup and other dirt and debris have been removed. This simple process brightens your home’s living space, making it feel fresh and renewed.

Ceramic Tile

A photo depicting a small tile cleaner cleaning tile and showing the contrast between the clean and dirty areas.

Your tile and grout accumulate dirt and oils just like your carpet. An annual deep cleaning is recommended.

This ceramic tile was installed about a year before the photo was taken. Tile and grout shows soiling and foot traffic just as easily as carpet. Everyday foot traffic with dust, oils, pet dirt and residue create a dull tile surface. Grout lines in high-traffic areas appear darker than in room corners. Darker grout means more dirt, food debris, pet mess, and oils. Go ahead, look in your present hallway or kitchen (or other high-traffic tile area) and notice your grout near the walls is lighter than near the middle of the room (or an area of particularly high traffic – near the front door for example).







Orange chair, dirty on left, clean on right.

You would hardly believe this was the same chair!


This recliner from the late 1970’s has NEVER been cleaned. In the picture, you can clearly see how the extraction of DECADES of dust and body oils has renewed this old chair. These amazing results take this recliner chair back 30 years to when it was first made. It looks brand new!

Those Really Tough Stains

Before and After Photos of Grape Juice Stain on Carpet

The customer was both surprised and relieved.

Notice the stain in these images. This is a grape juice concentrate stain. The homeowner scrubbed and cleaned this stain for nearly a full week until they called Tread Lightly Carpet Care. The homeowner thought the carpet would need replacement, but as  you can see in these photos, we were able to remove the stain in about 30 minutes and the customer was both surprised and relieved.

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