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4 Photos of Work done at a 90-Room Hotel

Case Study: 90-Room Hotel



Case Study: 90 Room Hotel

Tread Lightly Carpet Care services this 90-room hotel every 6 months. They have a variety of cleaning needs that we are able to service. Everyday traffic puts a lot of abuse on the hallways and other public areas. Many hotels have public breakfast areas. These breakfast lobbies have daily spills. Most are crushed into carpet and tile by guest shoes or chairs, leaving them to harden. Spilled liquids like coffee, tea, and juice evaporate, leaving behind a sticky residue which gathers more dirt and dust.  We apply a powerful pre-spray which breaks down these soils and stains in the halls, breakfast area, and elevator before cleaning begins.



Photo of Carpet Tiles showing before and after cleaning

Carpet Tiles – Before and After Cleaning


Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can withstand a high volume of traffic while still holding their integrity. Depending on soiling conditions and people traffic, cleanings may be needed once a month.


Before and After Images of Restroom Tile

Before and After Images of Restroom Tile

Tile Cleaning

Tread Lightly Carpet Care uses a 4-step cleaning method for ceramic and porcelain tile and grout cleaning. Places like public restrooms, tiled halls, rooms, greeting areas, and any area with high traffic using tile versus carpet benefit from a cleaning.

First, we spray degreaser designed to cut away years of built-up oils and dirt. Next, we scrub the degreaser to bring out the built-up soil and dirt. Next, we blast away the soils with 1000psi of water at a high temperature and vacuum away unwanted soils and dirt at the same time. Finally, we seal the grout joint to block out spills and traffic.

Here in the photo is a public restroom which sees hundreds of people a day. The grout lines absorb water, soap, spills and foot traffic. In only a few months, the beige grout lines become darker. Notice the strong contrast in the floor tile next to the grout color. Also, the pits and texture in the face of the tiles collect dirt and oil. These dark indentations dull the overall appearance of the room.

When Tread Lightly Carpet Care is finished, here are the results: the grout line color is similar in tone to the wall color. Notice the dull appearance is gone and the tile color is brighter.

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